September 25, 2010

Gossip Girl Fashion

Gossip Girl has been my number one favorite show for the past 4 years. It provides drama, fashion, New York City, and beautiful people. My favorite character has always been Serena. I love her style and all the guys she hooks up with. This season's fashion has made me go bananas! I am so jealous of all the stunning clothes they get to wear. Here are some of my favorite outfits so far!

Expect a lot more posts regarding Gossip Girl because I have a feeling this will be the best season yet!

What do you think of Gossip Girl's fashion? Love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments!

September 19, 2010

Rainbow Fishtail Braid

Hello darlings. I didn't think that Senior year would leave me with absolutely zero free time. So I am taking a short break from homework to show you all a little something I have been obsessed with lately. A few months ago, I think it was August, Free People released their monthly catalog and throughout the photo shoot some of the models had a rainbow colored fishtail braid. I thought it was the most spectacular concept in the entire world! I have never dyed my hair even though I have been dying to (eh pun?!) I think I might finally do it come second semester, but don't hold me to my word. Anyway here it is:

And here is a lovely instructional video provided by those girls over at Free People!

What do you guys think? Would you ever try it out? Do you think it would look good on me? Let me know in the comments!

September 14, 2010

First Days of School Outfits

Wow the past few days have been super long and stressful already! I have absolutely no time for anything I enjoyed doing this summer and the classes I'm taking are just making it all worse. Here are a quick few shots of my first two days of school outfits. Expect more Fashion Week posts later on this week when I have time to actually see some of the shows!!! Ohhh and DO expect some raving over the new season of Gossip Girl and how obsessed I am with not only Serena but Blake Lively!

First Day of Senior Year Outfit!

Today's Outfit!

What do you guys think of my back to school choices? Leave a comment letting me know!

September 11, 2010

Z Spoke by Zac Posen Resort 2011 Collection

Zac Posen is one of my favorite designers. He always manipulates what may seem simple and turns it into something unexpected. In his newest collection Z Spoke, the runway was dressed with lots of tweed, furry fake hair, and pastels. I was very impressed by the final few gowns; they were nothing short of spectacular! Here are my favorite 10 looks:

I love the blue undertones of the the white dress, and the gray glove is an unexpected twist. The length of the skirt is very 1940s, which has been making a comeback recently.

I like the sheer upper bodice and the shape that the lines create. The embroidered polka dots add a nice touch to a simple dress.

Although I am no fan of tweed, I applaud the construction and hues of this unique dress.

I really like this ensemble. It reminds me of the Hamptons during the summer and the wealthy women on the East Coast.

I really like this outfit as well. The dress' neckline is so interesting as well as the sleeves that fade into a pastel pink and lavender. The coat is beautiful.

This dress is a cross between an ice skater and a fairy and I actually like it. The color is the perfect mix of a magenta with lavender and blue undertones. The waistline seems like it would flatter almost every body type.

Similar in hue to the previous dress but with a little less blue, this gown is very goddess/princes like. I love the broad neckline and empire waist.

Personally, I think this is the most high fashion gown of the entire show. I love the plunging neckline and slim silhouette. I am not sure how fond I am of the material near the pelvis.

I admire that this dress bares the shoulders. I love off the shoulder tops. This dress seems like something that belongs in Taylor Swift's music videos. It is elegant and almost bridal. Nonetheless I think it's very beautiful. Although, the tie at the waist dresses down the fanciness.

This gown might be my favorite of the entire collection. I love the flutter sleeves, the pastel floral print, and the layering that flatters the waist. I would love to wear this dress!

The makeup that the models wore was very bold. Blue and lavender eyeshadows, red and magenta lips, rosy cheeks, and hair slicked back into a bun. I am excited for all of these colors!

What did you think of Z Spoke? Let me know in the comments!

September 10, 2010

BCBG MaxAzria Spring 2011

New York Fashion Week! Oh how this makes me wish I lived in New York ten times more. Imagine being right in the heart of the excitement, even if it were just waiting outside across the street from the venue. If only.... Anyway, the first big runway occurred this morning in the Theatre. BCBG!!! I love the spring line! I am so intrigued by the blend of multicolor hues blocked against a solid color in an unique design. Here are 7 of my favorite looks:

So minimalistic, but i love the yellow accent of the purse against the pure white dress

This is the multicolor blends I was referring to. I think it is so intriguing!

This look is by far the most daring out of the collection.

I love the lines that the bandaging creates against the multicolor blends!

Similar to the previous look in style, but I love this hue of purple!

This is by far my favorite look of this collection. I love everything about the color blend that fads into black to the one strap that seems almost twirled around itself. So beautiful! I would love to wear this on a night out in the city!

What did you think of BCBG MaxAzria's Spring 2011 Collection? Let me know in the comments!

September 5, 2010

Birthday Haul!

Soooo I had such an awesome birthday. My friends and I spent the entire day at a water park and I had so much fun. Except we all got burnt! Then yesterday I finally went to the outlets that I have been talking about and saving for all summer and..... not what I expected. I only got two pairs of shoes and while that is good you would understand why I was disappointed if you understood how well I did two years ago at their Labor Day Sale. The whole car was filled with bags and ahhh it was amazing. It's sad that my brother spent more than me. Well here is what I got from my birthday, the outlets, and a few free gifts from some stores.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume!

MAC Lipstick in Captive! finally!!!

Forever 21 Gray suede wedge booties!

Forever 21 Gunmetal Bangles!

Forever 21 Charcoal Circle Cardigan with button sleeves!

Forever 21 Sheer Black Dolman sleeve top!

Banana Republic Black Leather Riding Boots! finally!

Clarisonic Plus!

Clinique 3 Step System!
That is everything I received from friends and family along with a few generous gift cards and checks :)

Sam Edelman Brown Leopard mocassins

BCBG Max Azria Black Grommets Flats

Winnie the Pooh! Haha so the story behind this one is... I am kind of obsessed with Disney and so they had a Disney outlet brother and I go in and see that you can buy two stuffed animals/dolls whatever you want to call them for $25! My brother has always been a fan of Goofy and I just love all Disney so we totally bought Disney stuffed animals. That was all I got from the outlets and here are the free gifts that I have accumulated over the past week or so...

3 sample size mascaras ( I gave the fourth one to my mom)

Bonus Gift from Clinique for buying the 3 Step Skincare System

Sephora September Birthday gift including a white eyeshadow, greenish silver eyeliner and a mascara!

There you go, my birthday haul! I am so grateful for everything I got! Since I have an allotted amount I saved for the outlets and I didn't even use half of that amount I am going to be shopping today/tomorrow/this week for back to school clothes and such. So I might being doing another haul fairly soon! Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes!

September 2, 2010

The Last 16

Currently Listening: Yellow- Coldplay

In honor of my last day of being 16 (my birthday is tomorrow!) I put together a set of my 16 most recent hits! They are all basically from Forever 21 and Free People, my two favorite stores! Over the past week I have gotten a lot of free gifts from stores as promotions so I am going to tell you guys a bit about those on Saturday along with a hefty birthday haul! On Saturday I am going to the outlets that I have been talking about and saving up for all summer! Expect a good post on Saturday night or if I am too tired on Sunday morning!

What do you think about my last 16 hits?! Leave a comment letting me know!