March 17, 2013


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Patience is priority. Dedication is key. Take each day one step at a time and recognize how beautiful the world is.

March 9, 2013

smells like

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Wait, I promise I am still alive...barely. I am always busy nowadays between my three jobs, internship, school, and trying to stay healthy. So the best way to stay up to date with my life is Instagram! @jennahhughes .

February 14, 2013

February 13, 2013

click click click

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It's funny how you forget about some pieces after you buy them. Like this Equipment shirt I thrifted late last spring that I am now wearing for the very first time. Or these vintage Ralph Lauren pants I also thrifted late last summer that I was so excited about, yet I've worn them maybe three items. Regardless it is fun to mix it up once in a while, or a lot of the while, and shop your already existing closet.

Like my long lost wardrobe pieces, I have not yet announced on this blog that I am now a Teen Vogue Fashion Click Blogger! I was over the moon when I got the e-mail a few weeks ago, and almost cultivated the news to myself but I owe it to my awesome followers to let you all know. So if you'd like to share the love go ahead and click on the icon to the right and "heart" my looks!

February 9, 2013


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I pulled over in between the commute from my internship at FOAM Magazine and Free People gig to debut one of my favorite pieces from my recent Nasty Gal haul, the Edie Faux Fur Coat! Perfect for the occasionally chilly Southern California days thanks to the three-quarter length sleeves. I am currently enjoying the final weekend of my obnoxiously long "winter vacation". School starts Monday, goodbye and spec of free time!